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Synergy 1 Configuration Questions


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Hey everyone,

Could someone point me in the direction of finding documentation for Synergy 1? I'm having a hard time finding anything. Not sure what some of the server config options are for even though everything is working.


This isn't a deal breaker, but is is the invisible mouse for 1-2 seconds when switching to a new screen a common bug?

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On 12/17/2020 at 4:19 AM, Alexey Pilyaev said:

Hello @david.toro I am here to help you ?

Can you please clarify for me some information below? 

1. Your OS's version.

2. Your Synergy version.

3. Screenshots from both Synergy computers. 



I appreciate your response.

1) Win10 Enterprise for all 5 PCs on the workstation

2) Version 1.12.2-stable-a52ccb2d

3) I cannot provide screenshots of the computers, but this will intermittently affect any one of the 5 PCs on the workstation.

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