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No User Interface / Just Background Process

John Reed

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  1. I purchased and downloaded "synergy-1.12.2-1.stable.a52ccb2d.windows_x64"
  2. I had a legacy version installed.  Uninstalled the previous version and then installed the new version.
  3. Installation seems to have gone fine but when I run "Synergy" nothing happens.
  4. A Background Process gets spawned every time I execute application but there is no interface to configure the "server".

I am running Windows 10 with the system type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor.

Any thoughts?  I'm guessing there is something very obvious that I'm missing.

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Hey, Alexey.  It was weird... super weird and had me pulling at what little hair I have left.  That being said, I was finally able to get it to work!

After several attempts to reinstall, I came across this article:  https://support.symless.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004915317?input_string=synergy+1+basic

As it turns out, in addition to running "remove programs" I needed to do some cleaning of registry entries and file directories.  After a restart and then reinstall, the configuration window appeared and I was able to successful configure everything at home.


Thanks for the response.

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