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Small rant

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I've been using Syngery since I've found out about project. I believe it was before it was paid. To show my support I've bought version 2 although it had no real sellpoints for me from the get-go.

I've recently switched jobs and had to configure everything on new machines. What better time to do an upgrade to the newest stable release, no?

Since I have an networking and programming backgrounds I believe setting up Syngergy shouldn't be such a pain for me, especially since it was just working a few years ago. Where do I start?

  1. My activation key and configuration wasn't saved between program restarts (the scope:system option was at fault)
  2. Service wasn't working when logging out
  3. Autodiscovery wasn't working
  4. Entering hostname worked but logs showed some SSL problems and connections were rejected. To figure this out I had to enable more descriptive logging
  5. I write in polish so I have to use accents at times. To put it simply AltGr + [z,x,c,a,s,n,l,e] wasn't working at all, AltGr + o did though, yay
  6. Drag and Drop never worked for me so nothing new here. I wonder if there is any code behind the switch
  7. When I move my mouse from my Windows Server to Windows Client I end up with just keyboard forwarded with no means to go back to my server. I have to manually open a terminal, restart the service on the client and login on the server

I tried an opensource fork Bar**** and at least it solved issues 1, 2, 4. I really didn't care for 3 but still had problems with 5, 6, 7.

Since I need to document all my code now in both English and Polish I had to resign from using Synergy or it's fork. Thankfully Microsoft released Mouse without barriers that does the same job as Synergy but actually fixes issues 5, 6, 7. It has more lag and mouse sometimes jumps to different monitors on multimonitor clients but I rarely use mouse since I mainly code. There is no Linux client so sad as I may be I am rethinking moving my keyboard server to Linux.

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All in all I dislike how things are going. I wish the main focus was on functionality, the bugfree code base etc. The AltGr bug predates version 2. If you plan to base version 3 on the same core again then please focus on fixing at least those 6 year old bugs (yes, this bug is in your bugtracker since 2014 [link]).

Since 2014 you've introduced SSL encryption, autodiscovery relying on Bonjour, drag and drop functionality, screen saver sync, system scope for settings. None of these have worked flawlessly for me, ever. Half of these haven't ever worked for me. I can live with that but I'd rather remove those from stable releases since I sometimes try to convince my clients to incorporate Synergy in their corporate environment. I always end up on showing the GUI, they ask me about advanced features and I have to say these are not functioning. All in all there is no way i can deploy this is any GxP environment. How can I if I can't even use it to write properly due to AltGr bug.



I've forgot about clipboard. The clipboard is also bugged. I just learned to live with it for those 6 years and totally forgot about it.

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I just noticed the AltGr bug was a repost of older bug and it was origianlly from 2002. The AltGr bug has reached adulthood 3 weeks ago. It's more than 18 years old.

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