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Connection timeout


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I got my Windows 10 laptop re-installed, and now I cannot get Synergy to work.

* Server: Ubuntu 18.04, Synergy 1.8.8

* Client: Windows 10, Synergy 1.8.8

I've verified with netstat that port 24800 is open and listening. On my Windows laptop I've tested the socket using PowerShell / Test-NetConnection - the socket works, and I see inbound connections on the Ubuntu side when using this. However, when I try to start the Synergy client, I see that it's attempting to connect to the correctly resolved IP address and port 24800, but I get "Timed out" for every attempt.

I've verified that Synergy is in the app whitelist for Windows Firewall, with access to domain/private/public networks.

How can I debug this further? I guess it's a client side issue since I am able to send TCP packages from Test-NetConnection but Synergy Client does not connect.



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Also tried synergyc from the command line with DEBUG2 log level and can't really see anything from there:

[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: logging to file (synergy.txt) enabled
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: starting client
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: thread 0x00004134 entry
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG: screen shape: 0,0 1536x864 
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG: window is 0x00050e8c
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG: using desktop for drop target: C:\Users\ManageLocal\Desktop
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG: adopting new buffer
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG: opened display
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: registered event type IScreenEvents::error as 4
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: registered event type IScreenEvents::suspend as 5
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: registered event type IScreenEvents::resume as 6
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: registered event type ClientEvents::connected as 7
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: registered event type ClientEvents::connectionFailed as 8
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: registered event type ClientEvents::disconnected as 9
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] NOTE: started client
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] NOTE: connecting to '':
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: connecting to server
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: registered event type IDataSocketEvents::connected as 10
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG1: registered event type IDataSocketEvents::connectionFailed as 11
[2020-09-23T13:13:22] DEBUG: event queue is ready
[2020-09-23T13:13:37] DEBUG1: registered event type IStreamEvents::inputReady as 12
[2020-09-23T13:13:37] DEBUG1: registered event type IStreamEvents::outputError as 13
[2020-09-23T13:13:37] DEBUG1: registered event type IStreamEvents::inputShutdown as 14
[2020-09-23T13:13:37] DEBUG1: registered event type IStreamEvents::outputShutdown as 15
[2020-09-23T13:13:37] DEBUG1: registered event type ISocketEvents::disconnected as 16
[2020-09-23T13:13:37] DEBUG1: registered event type ISocketEvents::stopRetry as 17
[2020-09-23T13:13:37] DEBUG1: connection timed out
[2020-09-23T13:13:37] WARNING: failed to connect to server: Timed out
[2020-09-23T13:13:37] DEBUG: retry in 1 seconds
[2020-09-23T13:13:38] NOTE: connecting to '':
[2020-09-23T13:13:38] DEBUG1: connecting to server
[2020-09-23T13:13:44] INFO: got shutdown signal
[2020-09-23T13:13:44] DEBUG1: stopping client
[2020-09-23T13:13:44] DEBUG: adopting new buffer
[2020-09-23T13:13:44] DEBUG: closed display
[2020-09-23T13:13:44] NOTE: stopped client
[2020-09-23T13:13:44] DEBUG1: caught cancel on thread 0x00004134


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Daniel Alarcon

@HenrikH a couple of things to check:

1. Both computers are in the same network/subnet?

2. No VPN on your server?

3. Make sure to check if the server network type is set to private.

Let me know if this helps.

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