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using vnc viewer on synergy client to view synergy server

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My setup:

  • macbook pro running synergy server, this is what I type on
  • PC monitor behind/above my mac, controlled from mac keyboard thanks to synergy

To improve my posture I'd like to view my mac screen on the PC monitor. Ideally I could quickly switch between viewing the PC and mac on said monitor. So today I tried sharing my mac screen onto my PC using "VNC Viewer". This has an interesting problem. Turns out this setup is broken as Synergy and VNC Viewer fight each other in a loop of listening to and controlling the mac mouse position. For example, I move the mouse on mac, Synergy moves this over the VNC Viewer program on the PC, the VNC Viewer sends the message to the VNC Server on my mac, VNC Server on my mac moves my mouse, and the mouse jumps to the wrong place, usually just kicking the mouse off out of the VNC Viewer. Hard to explain but hopefully you can get the idea. 

Any suggestions? 



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