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Any way for Fwd, Back Mouse buttons to work?

Allan Anderson

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Allan Anderson

I see clicks exchanged client to server but has anyone gotten them to work? 

Support claims it's not supported, but I'm not sure I believe that. 


Linux Mint 20 server, Synergy 1.11.1-stable
Windows 10 client, Synergy 1.11.1-stable
Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 5 button mouse.



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Daniel Alarcon

Hello @Allan Anderson, Please note that the back/forward button, or, any other extra buttons on your server/host mouse are currently not identified in the Synergy client side, is not yet supported. Synergy 3 will look to add support to this buttons and touchpad gestures as well.

That being said...

You can export your config file manually and actions to the mouse 6 and 7 button actions. There is a good guide to accomplish this here:


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