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Stuttering on Secondary Computer


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For years now this has run smooth.  Recently though the mouse will freeze for a few seconds during typing or just moving on the secondary computer.

Both are Windows 10 with most recent update (which could be the issue, timing wise its consistent)
Both use Logitech Software and Drivers (Same mouse on both comps)
Running Synergy 1 latest version.  Which i notice has not had an update in years.  Why is this never updated btw?  People pay for software and it gets ignored pretty much.  This is confusing to me.

I do not see any messages in the Synergy window.

Honestly, if i cannot find a solution and considering the lack of updates to v1 i may just switch to something else.

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Hello @Worsin

Can you please open Synergy - Help - About Synergy and share your Synergy version?

Also, when the issue is started? Are you connected via Wifi?

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