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Okay - over the last two days I've done a bunch of installs of elementary os 'Hera' - and then installed Synergy 1.10.x or 1.11.x on amd64 - and/or - arm64

Here's some things that drive me batty with Synergy - the nagware about registering/buying it when you're running the config wizard for the first time - yeah - I BOUGHT IT!  Can't you gimme some grace period so I can paste in my registration code, soonish, rather than RIGHT NOW (like after I've connected my client to my server?  I mean who REALLY really wants to type in a 100+ random character string?  Life's way too short for that cr@p!

And - if you're not careful and venture your cursor away from the client machine, after registering/licensing - all of a sudden - it STOPS working (can't get back to the client) because it turns on TLS - and I NEVER have that on, on my server machine, because I'm always on the same LAN and I trust every packet...

Also - I downloaded the arm64 binaries for 1.10.2 - but where do I find the 64 bit ARM binaries for later versions (another forum post said it was for the NVidia Jetson - and the link there is dead anyway - I downloaded it months ago).  Anyway - that version installs on Raspbian Buster 64 bit ARM - and - elementary "Hera" 64 bit ARM...

Also - elementary "System tray is unavailable" message - "don't close blah blah" - and once you got it running and close it - it's running but you can't fire up the interface again without breaking out the CLI and doing a kill $PID...  Anyway to fix this bug when running on elementary os?  

I think I'm just about to switch over to elementary - because it works a treat on my 4 GB RPi4, and I just ordered an 8 GB RPi4, and I'd never thought of using an RPi4 as my daily driver because 1. still 32 bit 2. Pixel is one of the ugliest DE I've ever seen - but now?  64 bit ARM and elementary desktop [which seems lighter than Ubuntu's gnome])...  so I might as well switch all my x86_64 Ubuntu 18 and 20 machines over...  but that Synergy "system tray unavailable" message is a major annoyance and show stopper!

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Here's what's really annoying about that "System tray unavailable" glitch - all these systems are inside my house - none of them will be portable...  so many of them just "auto login" - and I put synergy in the start up apps... on all my other systems, synergy starts up, remembers my settings then connects to the synergy server.

On elementary?  The DUMB thing sits there with the "System tray unavailable, don't close you window." message till I PLUG IN A KEYBOARD and MOUSE and acknowledge the dialog box!  Defeats the whole purpose of the exercise...  I'm running synergy EXACTLY because I don't want 35 mouses and keyboards cluttering up my desk.

I can vaguely remember this issue around 2015/2016 when I last used elementary as my "daily driver", and I'm sure there was  some kinda fix for this - but - back then I was using Synergy open source, now I'm using the Pro version with the license I paid for...

Plug in keyboard + mouse and click on OK :


Then my client connects to my server AFTER PLUGGING IN A KEYBOARD : 


After this - I've no complaints - but I just want the rest of everything else fixed :D ...

BTW - great product...¬† not sure what I'd do without it...¬† ¬†but I'd love to see these annoyances fixed - pretty please ‚̧ԳŹ¬†


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I don't know where this forum post fits in this forum - when I look at the front page of these forums - under "General Discussion" - it's there indented further than everything else...



Anyway - still not quite happy, my work around is basically to NOT run the "official licensed and purchased" Synergy Client GUI front end - I just set the desired machine to do autologin, then I SSH to it and run "synergyc SERVER.local" (open source synergy from distribution repos)... which kinda defeats the purpose of buying Synergy in the first place...  but it's an interim solution for this #ISO #WFH time...  if/when I get sent back to the office, 9-5, I'll probably have just two computers on my desk again, Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10, maybe three at the most (considering keeping an RPi4 at work).

Right now I've got a dog's breakfast on my desk : 

  1. Main desktop, AMD CPU, NVidia GPU (GTX1650), Ubuntu 20.04 - my synergy server, the one ring to bind them all (also runs Folding@Home overnight - and also gaming via mostly Steam)
  2. Main laptop, Dell Latitude, Ubuntu 20.04 (the one I usually keep at work on my desk as my workplace Synergy server), Synergy client via GUI
  3. Next Thing CHIP running Debian jessie XFCE via a Motorola Lapdock, using synergyc via CLI
  4. Next Thing PocketCHIP running Debian jessie XFCE using synergyc via CLI
  5. RPi 4 w/ 4 GB RAM - running elementary os "Hera" - using synergyc via CLI
  6. AMD desktop machine, NVidia GPU (QuadroPro), Ubuntu 18.04, synergy via GUI, runs Folding@Home 24x7 
  7. Dell Laptop Windows 10, synergy via GUI app (from my work - normally synergy client @ work)
  8. Lenovo Laptop Windows 10, customer's SOE - and they won't let me have admin rights, so I can't run synergy on it at all - so I never really use it (still waiting to get admin on it so I can install Synergy and control it using RDP).
  9. Lenovo X201 "tablet", xubuntu 18.04 (in process of upgrading to 20.04)



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