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right now alot of people including me cant log into synergy when we are trying to add a new pc/laptop and we have to use another program which is worse and lags alot, was wondering when that would be fixed. also want to know if you can add the option of not only sharing mouse and keyboard but sound as well and also add some options to disable function of synergy to pick which to disable like mouse/keyboard but keep sound or have it so that synergy doesnt go to the next screen when playing a game, or have a game mode option to synergy that stops it from going to next screen. also another problem i have with synergy is if i hit any key on the other pc/laptop it switches over to that pc and make it have control, right now im using sharemouse and it doesnt do that even if i hit a key on the other pc my main one still in control and it doesnt jump from 1 pc to another maybe that why it lags alot but idk not an expert.also you have an option in synergy 2 for when you click login it goes to main website can you remove that and just have a normal login system installed into the synergy itself like synergy 1, also the lack of options on synergy 2 was a bad idea cuz there is no troubleshoot anything if something went wrong, also sometimes when you accidentally terminate synergy in task manager when your not paying attention and you try to run synergy again it says retry failed connection [along those lines] and only way to fix is to restart pc. also dont comment about my grammar i didnt even try to do any in the first place as long as i get my point across

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