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Mouse Lock on Admin Screen (W10/Client)


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Whenever I need to install an app with admin privileges on the client, you get the UAC prompt, when this happens ,I am unable to move the mouse on the client and it resets the mouse back to the server.


Server: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Client: Windows 10 1909

Server - SymBasic 1.11.1-stable-55ec3105 (Debian x86_64)

Client - SymBasic 1.11.1-stable-55ec3105 (Windows x64)

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I have the same issue. I can add that immediately pressing the toggle key back to the client screen doesn't work. The second time it sort of works for about 5 pixels of movement and the third time it sticks. Until you click yes and then you are back to the server and have to toggle once more.

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