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The temporary configuration file required to start synergy can not be written

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Daniel Alarcon

@Timmi  can you change the log level to debug and paste the log here? There are possibly two options, one is you don't have the right permissions to write the config file, or, your User folder has a name with a non UTF-8 character, for example "Alarcón"), if that's the case, please check this help article.

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I have the same problem.  I don't have any non-ascii characters in my user name.   I tried running as Synergy as administrator and it didn't help.     

I'd rather not post the log in a public forum, I can see that it contains my serial key.

FWIW I installed Synergy in a custom location the first time.  Then when it wasn't working I reinstalled in the default location, but still not working.



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