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Distinguish right-CMD from left-CMD?

Lars-Johan Liman

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Lars-Johan Liman

Dear seasoned synergy users,

Running on Macs ...

In certain apps (e.g., EmacsForMacOSX and iTerm2) I have the two "command" keys on my keyboard mapped to do different things: the left one is a "Meta" key, to accelerate certain commands, the right one is an "AltGr" to access characters not directly visible on the keyboard. Running synergy this continues to work well on the server, but on the client these applications seem to no longer be able to distinguish the two. Either both come out as Meta, or both come out as AltGr.

How does one go about to convey this minuscule status bit (as it is) from the server to the client?

(... and the same for the option key ...)

Best regards,
  /Lars-Johan Liman

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