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I am way out of the loop on Synergy.  I basically checked out after everything that happened with Synergy 2, which I'm still using.  It's fairly reliable, despite everything that happened... just have to restart the service now and then to remind Synergy 2 that the clipboard exists (I'm using it on 3 Win10 machines).

Last time I was paying attention, things were pretty confusing.  I think Synergy 2 was cancelled?  I think we were supposed to go back to Synergy 1?  I'm assuming things have changed since then.  If anybody could fill me in on what I've missed, that'd be greatly appreciated.

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Let's see. Lassie found her way home, Sweet Sue's no longer on the railroad tracks... oops, wrong TV show. Anyway, Synergy 2 is sort of in limbo pending the release of Synergy 3, and all users not happy or testing are encouraged to go back to the (improved) Synergy 1. If you're happy with Synergy 2 by all means continue with it. That's the way I understand it, anyway.

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