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Is a Wifi Network sufficient to use synergy (Sorry for simple question)

1 is Such a Lonely Number

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1 is Such a Lonely Number

So If I hook up my new iMac (Catalina) to my Wifi Network

And if I hook up my old iMac (High Sierra) to this same Wifi network.

That is sufficient to use Synergy?  I just purchased it, and am hesitant to do anything until I have at least a basic understanding.  Thanks.

I don't need any cables or hardwired networking between the two computers?


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I have found that depending on the WIFI connection - it can produce a laggy experience on the client machines...

I had a laptop where it was quite jerky and seems to have lag.

I just today turned off WIFI on a laptop and ran a network cable to it, and the experience is back to what I expect - SEAMLESS Symless :)

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