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Clipboard settings


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Is there a way to control what gets sent to the other computer on the clipboard?   

Similar to this post https://members.symless.com/forums/topic/2410-disable-clipboard-sharing-for-large-files/

I only need clipboard syncing for text.
When I have large images on the clipboard, (which don't need to be sync'd with the other computer)  Synergy acts strange when switching to the other screens.  Sometimes it will be a delay, sometimes it will "bounce" back to the same computer and I won't be able to switch unless I clear the clipboard.  The log tells me that it's converting the clipboard, and then it is not sent because it is over the file limit.

It is very annoying to need to clear my clipboard everytime this happens.  Is there a way to have synergy only attempt to send text?  

I started using synergy a few hours ago, and it's pretty good but this single annoying is a deal breaker for me and I would have to find an alternative.  I was hesitant to purchase since the website stated there wasn't a demo or trial, but had a 30-day return policy.   I hope that it is honoured if there is no way to prevent this.

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Daniel Alarcon

@Unessential  For now, there is no option for this now. One thing you can try is lowering the clipboard size to maybe 10-20 KB in Synergy (server) / Configure Server / Advanced Server Settings and apply.


Let me know if this helps.

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