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Using Mac as Server, Ubuntu and PC as Clients

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Can anyone share how to setup mapping for Mac as the server, and Ubuntu and PC as Clients?  I tried searching and it seems all I can find is the inverse.

My goal is to be able to use my mac keystrokes do the familiar thing on PC/Ubuntu, so:

  • ⌘-C, -X, and ⌘-V on Mac --->  Copy/Cut/Paste on PC/Ubuntu
  • ⌘-T on Mac ---> New Browser Tabs on PC/Ubuntu
  • Control-C on Mac ---> Ctrl-C on Ubuntu Shells to terminate processes
  • There maybe others...


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Really?  With no key mapping on PC or Mac:

⌘-V on Mac ---> Paste from Shared Buffer between machines

⌘-C on mac -->  does NOT copy selected text on PC.  Ditto for ⌘-X

⌘-T on Mac --->  does NOT open new tab in PC browser


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Ctrl-C on PC -> ⌘-V on Mac copy - and -pastes from PC to Mac.
⌘-C on Mac -> Ctrl-V on PC copy - and - pastes from Mac to PC.

Can't speak for ⌘-T ... never tried it... but try Ctrl-T.

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