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Standard keys not working linux Server OSX Client


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Hello I have been trying to make this work for at least a year or two when I purchased the synergy code.  I have tried other Opensource versions etc.  But there is nothing that seems to work.  I have tried to set this up again the lastest 1.11.1 version on both computers.  And what happens is the client is able to connect, the mouse works perfectly but non of the standard keys work.  For some reason Arrow keys work.  but generally nothing else.  Not enter not a- z  etc.  I have confirmed through a Sniff that the server is sending the key up and down messages over to the client, just the client does nothing with it.  I was Running Mojave on this computer and just updated it to see if the new OS would make any different still nothing.  Accessiblity is check on the mac. 


Possible differences I have is that Both system using a Japanese keyboard mapping.     maybe the Mac side doesn't work right if you have different input types enabled.  I'll give it a try but kinda stuck here.


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