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cannot connect windows 10 client to OSX server

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I am having issues connecting my windows 10 client to my osx server.

Server: OSX 10.15.3 Catalina - Synergy 1 Pro - 1.11.0-rc2-9fecf0bc - build date: Nov 20, 2019

Client: Windows 10 - Synergy 1 Pro - 1.11.1-stable-55ec3105 - build date: March 19, 2020

What is interesting is that auto-config does not work. And when I try manual, all I see is a dropdown in the 'Server' area under the 'client' section of the client. I can't enter the ip/hostname of my osx server.

The machines are both in my same network, 192.168.86.x

the osx server doesn't recognize any incoming connection attempts.

the windows client keeps trying to connect, but failes and 'times out'.

I have tried with and without autoconfig/TLS Encryption

I feel this product has been rather buggy for a while.









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add more things I tried.
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I am trying to install the osx 1.11.1 version. I stopped and quit synergy. I even did a 'ps -aA' and cannot see synergy. nor in the Activity Monitor. Yet when I try to install, it says that Synergy is running.

I don't see the synergy icon in my menu bar either.

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I had to sudo rm the synergy app folder.  I reinstalled the osx 1.11.1 software and relaunched.

immediately I noticed something odd. It showed a very different IP address. It turned out my laptop was connected to a separate work vpn I had set up via wifi. The old software probably had a configuration set based on the previous IP and didn't auto detect when it changed.

i changed my laptop back to the proper network, i saw it updated to the proper IP, and it connected.

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Can someone from symless answer that? I have exactly the same problem with the same setup and same build. I have, on the other hand, tried the other way round - Windows 10 server and MacOS client and it worked fine.

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Richard Horsford

Hi all Im having the same issues even tried turning off firewall on both ends however if I make Windows 10 the server it connects

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