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Bug? Please help.


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I have had Synergy for 2 years now. However; this past week when playing games my mouse cursor will go to my other pc when it gets moved to that side of the screen.  It's like it is not locking to the game. It has never done this in the past and is getting very irritating when I am playing a game and then all of a sudden I am on my other pc and the gaming pc is froze. I have tried fullscreen, windowed, fullscreen boarder-less. Nothing works. Any advise?


I have submitted a support ticket but have not heard back. Both PCs are running the same version 2.0.12 and windows 10. When I go to upload a log it just says uploading and never leaves that screen.

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Daniel Alarcon

@Wrice4 I would suggest moving to Synergy 1, neither Synergy 1 or 2 have good gaming support (on the roadmap), but you can lock your cursor to a host with Synergy using the scroll lock key, or a custom shortcut key.

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