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Installation Requires IT Professional?


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Unbelievable horse shit. Your advertisement claims "up & running within minutes of purchase." WHAT? By an IT Professional?  NO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. NON-INTUITIVE NO STEP-BY-STEP.  I'm giving this ten more minutes then just send me REFUND and I will try another program that might have a modicum of respect for NEW users -- and then spend the rest of the day posting horrible reviews. 

I chose this company because it has been in business with this software bnearly two decades --- so what? So you think everyone somehow intuitively knows how to USE IT? 

"Consider using Autoconfig instead" - OK I chose this - NOW WHAT? The goddamned thing tells me "Waiting for clients" WTF? NEW USER, DAMN IT. HOW ABOUT SOME INSTRUCTIONS?????????????

synergy installation.JPG

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