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Focus/Cursor on Windows Client moves away with User Access Control


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My server is a Mac (master), client is a Win 10 machine (slave).

When I launch a program from an unknown publisher on the Win 10 machine, I get the expected User Access Control security dialog (are you sure you want to run this program?).

At this time, the focus/cursor immediately moves away from the Windows machine back to the Mac machine. 

I encounter the typical 5 second delay before I can move the cursor back to the Windows box to click (Yes).

2 questions:

1. Can you not change focus with UAC dialogs ? (ShareMouse does not)

2. Can I make that 5 second delay go away as a workaround?

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Daniel Alarcon

@eddier yes, this is possible.  Open your Synergy settings, change the Elevate setting to Always, then Ok and Apply. You will then get Synergy even after UAC prompts.

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