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Odd screensaver issue in OSX with Synergy

Weebus Mucker

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Weebus Mucker

(Note this happens on 1.10 or 2.0.12)

Basically with Synergy installed on my OSX Catalina (sharing it with a Windows 10 PC, Win10 as the server) the screensaver will never activate when I move the mouse off of the Mac's screen after a fresh boot. I say after a fresh boot, as IĀ canĀ get it functional by opening up the Desktop + Screen SaverĀ preference pane, and changing the timeout. Then it will work...however, if I leave it going for an extended period of time, I can't exit it! Even with a direct mouse/keyboard connection, I have to hard reset the Mac to restore functionality. Upon reboot the screen saver will not engage automatically unless I repeat the previous step. With synergy uninstalled, the screen saver works as expected after a fresh boot and never locks the machine no matter how long it's run for. I've ensure 'sync screensavers' it not activated in settings.

This does not happen on Sharemouse, albeit it's mouse cursor is far more jumpy as compared to Synergy (plus well, I already have a license for Synergy) so not really much of an option.

Anyone else have this occur, and if so have a solution?


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