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Mouse accuracy problems on Mojave client


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Hello All.

I'm running Synergy 1 on a windows 10 hostwith a macos Mojave client, and I'm finding the pointer accuracy to be somewhat vague.

The mouse sometimes overshoots the point I'm aiming for, and sometimes does not reach the target point prompting me to move the mouse further. The cursor then jumps past the target point.

In addition, I am finding that  the cursor on the mac client seems to freeze for a fraction of a second at seemingly random intervals. As recommended, I have deactivated my wireless adapters on both the host and client to reduce the incidence of ping spikes, however this has not resolved the issue.

I used synergy+ some years ago and never encounterer this issue, butthis was entirely on windows machines so I have no experience of using the application on a mac.

Both machines are connected via gigabit ethernet through a switch, and the ping time is between 0.8 and 1.4ms, mostly under 1ms. Both machines have all available updates installed.

I would be grateful for any help you can offer. I like synergy an awful lot, but at the moment, it's proving difficult to work with and is interrupting my workflow more than I'd like.

Many thanks.

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