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API hooks on synergy events


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I'm writing a cross platform engine/framework and it occurred to me that it might be possible to leverage synergy in this software. Specifically, if I have the server for my software running on two machines, it'd be great to be able to drag a window from my application on one machine to another. 
To facilitate this, I'd need synergy to inform the server on the target machine that a window is being dragged (for example, a tear-able panel with spatial controls being dragged from a 3D editor running on a windows machine to a table that's multi-touch capable, which would then become a controller for the main application), which could then communicate with the source machine, replicate the window contents and setup all the hooks needed for those two to communicate.  On the synergy side, I suppose all that would be needed would be some sort of process hook API. Has any thought been given to this? It'd be really cool and very intuitive to be able to get machines to connect this way. 

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