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On the client " and ' are not detected

Roy Albinus

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I am having problems with the " and ' on the client. It works fine on the server but once on the client it won't work .

Installed 1.10.3 version and both machine's are Windows 10 1903


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It is a mechanic keyboard, connected by bleutooth as is the mouse .  The problems i encounter with Word 2016 and with notepad, visual studio code . If i type ' or " at the client the symbol is not showing and the cursor doesn't move. Is looks like the server won't pass those keystrokes. 

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Hi Gertjan,

Is used the version 1.10.3 it had this fault in it. I got a mail from suppert and aknowlegde the issue.  It was on the readmap to b resolved. 

I have not recieved any information if it is in the latest version. 

Are you running the 1.11 version ? So yes then it has not been resolved yet. 

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Gert-Jan Dorenbos


Hi Roy, thanks for the feedback! Indeed, I am on 1.11, so it looks like it is not resolved. I have a call outstanding at support, so let's see what they say about it.

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