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Question: Dual screen server

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I don't know how to clearly explain what i will write, so i will upload some screenshot.

When my mouse is on the client's display, if i move it in the red zone, it will be on my display 1.

If in blue, it will be on the display 2.


This is my display configuration:

  • 1 is the main display on server
  • 2 is the second display on server
  • 3 is display on client



I'm looking to get this.

The mouse can only be on the  display 1 and 3.


Is there a way to do this ?




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Right now, no. The way Synergy works at the moment, it considers monitors 1 and 2 as a single screen. Synergy deals with different screen sizes by treating them as being the same size, that's why it looks like monitors 1 and 2 are half of the height of monitor 3. It just equates the right side of monitor 3 to the left side of monitors 1 and 2 combined.

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton
12 minutes ago, eth0 said:

Right now, no.

Actually, you can use text configs to achieve fine-tuned monitor positioning. We're working on a help page for this but for now, you can either try to digest the Text Config wiki page (warning: it's a bit chewy) or open a support ticket and Alexey can show you how to do this.

Edit: Also, we're going to make this possible using the visual screen positioning in the next major version (it won't be grid-based like it is now).

If you do decide to delve into the text config world, this section might be useful to you:

 section: links
         right        = larry
         up(50,100)   = curly(0,50)
         left         = moe
         up(0,50)     = curly(50,100)
         down(0,50)   = moe
         down(50,100) = larry(0,50)


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5 hours ago, Alexey Pilyaev said:

Hello @hokero

Looks like you have really interesting question.

Can you please use link in my signature and place a ticket for us? 

Thank you all for answering me.

I've submit a ticket with your signature's link.

I will try the Nick Bolton's workaround

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  • 2 weeks later...

With the help of the support, I finally found the solution.

I made a backup of the synergy server configuration.


File -> Save confuration as...

Then I modified the links section:

section: links
         right(0,100)   = PC-SERVER(50,100)
         left(50,100)     = PC-CLIENT(0,100)

And change in Synergy GUI, the setting to use a configuration file.

Thanks for your help

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