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Mouse movement problem

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First of all the program works like a charm , i love it! I do have a small problem. I have a 2 different 4 monitor setups right next to each other like below.

S1 S2    C1 C2

S3 S4    C3 C4

When moving the mouse from Left sides of Client1-3 the cursor correctly moves to the right sides of Server 2-4 monitors, but when i move the mouse cursor from S2 to C1 it appears on top of C1 sometimes C2 , and when i move the cursor right from S4, it just never shows up anywhere on Client monitors. I'm guessing this has something to do with my settings

Please help


Thank you


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Daniel Alarcon

@Desdenova please note that this kind of custom placement of monitor per computer will be better supported in a future version of Synergy. For now, switching on the edge is possible only on the screen on the right side with the widest resolution.

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