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Repeated keystrokes & mouse input issues

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Same here. I'm midway through the 30-day money back period and have had about as much as I can take of giving this super buggy software a chance. It's a real shame that this problem has persisted since at least 2014. It's now September of 2020. After six years, version 2 is dead, version 3 is still being staffed, and the "stable" version 1 is basically unusable for anything at all serious because of the repeated keystroke problem. If/when version 3 comes out, I hope it's after Symless learns and understands that anything less than 100.0% input fidelity is 100.0% unacceptable

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JP Gonzalez

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn I hoped this issue would be solved :(

I LOVE this app and, fortunately, the freezing and repeated key strokes happen not that often to unistall, but damn it's getting harder......

I have the exact same configuration as OP.

Please please Symless fix thissssss


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@Daniel Alarcon I'm having the same issues as this thread is reporting with the mouse and keyboard freezing every few minutes.  It is super frustrating, especially when I'm in the middle of a screen share at work.  It literally just happened in the middle of writing this message.

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