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Erroneous Character Insertion

Tom Owen

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Getting this bug with the latest version: 1.10.2-stable-8c010140 (09 May 2019)
Server: Windows 10; Client: Debian Buster

Earlier today Synergy was inserting a semicolon before any 'i' character, and after any 'a' character (wtf?), and then just now no vowels were appearing at all.. Then it magically fixed itself.
Utterly bizarre - what's special about vowels, aren't they just unicode characters like everything else?

I was amused to find that this is a known bug, reported in this thread and also on GitHub: https://github.com/symless/synergy-core/issues/3131
What's less amusing is that the author has just dismissed the bug because it related to an older version, rather than actually investigating what is a very strange and annoying problem.

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I also have a bug where "Ctrl" plus a vowel does not work, but ctrl+consonant does...

Where's Carol Vorderman when you need her?

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Kelvin Tran

I've split this off into a separate topic.

I would recommend sending in a support thread through the Symless website.

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