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How about a Howto?

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I have bought the Synergy Pro version. I am looking up and down on the website for instructions on how to install. I find blogs telling me why people left Synergy, and why "being transparent is important," but for the life of me, I can't find  a few obvious lines telling me what to do to install the thing.  I want to use Synergy to KVM  from Windows to a Centos machine and a few Ubuntu boxes, and all I am thrown is a file each. Alright, I can install a Windows app by myself. I know how to install a DEB and an RPM. Now would you please tell me what next????????? 

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Note: Install instructions don't belong hidden a few menus deep into the Help section. That;'s where someone goes to file a ticket. Install instructions need to feature prominently, best together with download and purchase.

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Sponge Bob

Well i can tell you that windows install is pretty strait forward however the linux install is less obvious ...

however i can understand why they would not put every single possible install.  ( every linux distribution is different... and your windows interface may or may not be the same depending on which version of windows ( services are differently , application install are also different )  


but here is a short version (for windows)

  • double click on the install package and click next , yes and accept until install is complete
  • start synaptic gui (click on it)
  • Add a screen on the server
  • click start
  • start client gui
  • point client to ip or name of server
  • change name of client to match server screen
  • click "start"

other options are well... optional

i think the gui does its job very well which is to simplify interactions.

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Kelvin Tran

The moderators were working on documentation, but that project was discontinued due to inactivity (in addition, it was written with the now-defunct Synergy 2 in mind).

That is a valid request and as time permits, one of the volunteer mods (including myself) may choose to step up and write some robust documentation. What specifically do you need help with? If you'd like to start a new thread in General Discussion, perhaps we can help you with a specific issue or concern. :) 

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