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BUG ? Keys not sent on server if software are not openned as administrator

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hello !

I'm using version 1 of synergy, and I always use keys mapping but I have an issue.
I would like to sent a push to talk button on my client computer with like x key. it works perfecty but this key is not sent anymore on my server computer, exactly on application not oppened as administrator

But when I open Discord as administrator on my server computer, now it works perfectly and keys are sent on every computer.
This happens on games too, on my server computer. I can't open steam game as administrator so these keys doesn't work anymore.

How can I solve this issue ?

Thanks for help

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Guys, this fucking issue still here !! I'm on windows and 1.10.3 sstable versionĀ 

And i can tell you comma key broke your config file too !!!!

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