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ServerInput -> AutoHotKey -> Client

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I'm using AutoHotKey a lot for basic navigation. Instead of using my arrow keys to navigate through text I'm using the Alt + ijkl keys.

First of all, I'm using Synergy 1 right now, and I don't know if the thing I want to do is possible in either Synergy 1 or 2, but I expect that it's currently not possible.

Right now my script works fine on my server pc, but when I'm typing on the client through Synergy it will intercept the input before AutoHotKey can change it. I'd like AutoHotKey to see the input, change it, and then have Synergy intercept said input and send it to the client PC.

I expect Synergy to be used by powerusers. Those who use AutoHotKey are also powerusers, so I expect that this feature (or a similar thing) would be useful for many other users.

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