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Can't play games on the client PC


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Hi all,

Sorry if this has been answered before, but I can't seem to find any answers to this issue.

I'm running Synergy 1 Pro on my MacOS as a server, and on my PC as a client. When I try to play games on the client PC, I can't look around with the mouse cursor at all.

I took a screen cap of what happens on the client when trying to play Portal: 

Similar behaviour happens in other games, the game doesn't respond correctly to the mouse movements.


This does not happen when the server is set to the PC, however, my Mac is always on and is my primary workstation, and my PC is only on when I'm gaming, or when I need it.

Anyone else had this issue? Would appreciate any response.


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I've encountered this myself, both when playing on the host with Synergy enabled, and on another client. This is all in the way mouse movements are perceived and calculated. Because Synergy essentially tracks the overall X,Y for all systems, and that does not translate well to gaming logic for camera/mouselook, and simply have had to toggle off Synergy in such games from the host (when playing on host) or simply use client's hardware (when not playing on host).


It is a limitation in the game itself reading mouse movements, as it often captures the mouse cursor when doing so, fighting with Synergy preventing it being captured, so it can jump across screens. If I don't toggle Synergy off, and it does play nice, if I move too fast Left, it can jump out and onto the screen to my Left on the other system. Much easier to keep it off when not needed, using hardware attached to the system actually playing games with.



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