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Intermittent freezes on Kubuntu 18.04 client, with 1.8.8, 1.10.1 and 2.0.12

Pedro Werneck

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Pedro Werneck

I've been using synergy since 2011, and I started experiencing this problem right after upgrading my systems from Kubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 a few weeks ago. From time to time, there's a random freeze on the client. All the input I'm sending from the server seems to get queued somewhere and after a few seconds it gets delivered all at once. This is visible in the logs below, as the server logs keypresses across several seconds, and the client gets them all at the same second. Other than that, the logs seem to show nothing wrong. The queue also seems to get "flushed" if I use the client's own mouse and keyboard when it freezes. As soon as I press a key, all the actions previously sent from the server are applied immediately.

  • I was running 1.10.1 on Kubuntu 16.04 and it worked fine. After I started experiencing the problem I downgraded to the distribution's 1.8.8, and even tried upgrading to 2.0.12, to no avail.
  • Both computers are on cable LAN, connected to the same switch, but the problem persists on wifi. I have no network or hardware issues with either one.
  • I have a second client computer with Lubuntu 18.04 and I haven't seen the same problem with it.
  • I have no hotkeys defined, I don't have SSL enabled, and I tried disabling clipboard sharing, but changing these had no effect.
  • I noticed the problem tends to happen more often when I'm switching desktops, using the Alt+direction keys.

Here are the logs: https://paste.ee/p/69O8K

I enabled DEBUG1 on both client and server and kept switching desktops until the freeze happened. Then I stopped synergy at both client and server as soon as I regained control. You can see how the client froze at 2019-04-25T20:43:32 and recovered only at 2019-04-25T20:43:40, logging all previous events with that timestamp.








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