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Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard

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I just installed Synergy on my Windows 10 PC and Mac. My Mac is the server and the Windows PC is the client. My Logitech mouse is working flawlessly between screens but the Apple Magic Keyboard (which connects to my Mac through an internal Bluetooth connection in my Mac, not with an external USB receiver) is only working on my Mac. It will not allow me to type text on the Windows PC. Any idea why this is happening?

Any help would be appreciated. Can't find any info on the Synergy website.

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I have not used Macs beyond a leisure level since right when OSX came out, so I am not the best person at all for this, but I wonder if there are any tools that you can use to see exactly what inputs are being sent from the keyboard to the system. Also want to know if there are regions or locales that you are able to edit to see if that works.

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