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Ubuntu master, win10 client, screen unlock hassle


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I used to have a Windows 10 master & a Windows 10 client, using input Director as I'm a Scotsman and it was free, and pretty much flawless. I recently purchased a license of Synergy so I can share the keyboard & mouse from my Ubuntu 18.10 laptop to my Windows 10 desktop, and it works well, but with one annoyance, unlocking my Windows 10 desktop is a PITA, process is as follows;

1) Windows 10 screen has locked
2) Move mouse onto the screen to wake it up
3) Move the mouse back onto the screen so I can click in the password dialog box so I can type the password
4) Once screen is unlocked, move the mouse back onto the screen so I can actually use it

Is this the standard procedure or am I missing something?

Thanks, in advance, David

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Can confirm with @davidkmcw - Ubuntu 18.10 with Synergy 1.10.x server, Windows 10 with Synergy 1.10.x client (both laptops)... 

Exact same experience as described for me too...

It's actually quicker to jump onto the physical keyboard of the Win10 machine to unlock... would be a real PITA if in my case the Win10 machine was a desktop machine...

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