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Synergy2 doesn't fit 1366x789 display

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Hi, I'm using Synergy 2 on my Lenovo x230 (12''screeen). Like many sub 12" displays it has lovely 1366x789 IPS display. However, the Synergy 2 application does not fit because it does not consider a taskbar height (both Windows and Linux). Please see the attached picture. It results that application window bar to be placed above the screen and becomes inaccessible.
One of the possible solutions is to make the fixed visible area of the application a bit smaller/lower by sacrificing the height of the top "banner" area where the current computer name is. The other option would be to introduce the scrollbar on the right on the blue area if screen size is smaller then app size. Although auto zooming based on screen size might be an option.

Could you please provide your views and let me know how to raise a bug request?

Screenshot from 2019-03-16 08-16-16.png

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