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Triple Monitor Setup 2 PCs

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So I want to run a triple monitor setup, with 2 PCs. With my Server PC as center monitor, and my PC 2 as client left and client right. I am unsure weather or not Synergy 1 or Synergy 2 is capable of doing this. I have not configured my monitors this way yet because I do not wish to drive myself crazy for hours trying to fix something if it cannot be done.

Synergy mock up.jpg

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I'd like to know this as well. Did you ever give it a go? 

I have mine configured that way now, the problem being that Windows (PC 2 in your diagram) has no way I've found to acknowledge there's a machine in the middle that isn't plugged into it. Because of this the cursor will go (numbered from left to right) from 1 to 3 moving left or 1 to 2 moving right...not ideal. I feel like the solution, though is outside of Synergy as there's just no way to tell Windows there's an invisible (to it) monitor in the middle.


Good luck!

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I've been running a setup similar to this for a couple of years with no problems at all using Synergy v.1.8.8-stable-c30301e. I can't comment on any other version.

However, on my system, I have Synergy running on three computers. Two are Lenovo ThinkStation S20s running Windows 7 Pro x64, and the third is an ancient IBM ThinkCentre M50 running XP x32.

Both the Lenovos actually have two graphics adapters, the main one being a Matrox C420. The Synergy server has a Matrox M9120 PCIe x16 as its second card and the other has a Matrox M9128 PCIe x16. The XP machine, which has an AGP slot, also has a Matrox card, but I'm not sure  whether it's an AGP or regular PCI (not PCIe).

On the Synergy server, only the main monitor is connected to the C420. The other two are run by the M9120.

My monitors are three NECs: the main one is a PA272w, the left is a SpectraView Reference 241, and the right is a PA241w.

My keyboard is a Logitech K800 and I use a Kensington Cordless Expert Mouse. 

Actually, my system is even a bit more complicated because the keyboard and mouse run through a physical UBS KVM. It looks like this one, but it's an older model. Link to Amazon UK I use the physical KVM to connect the two Lenovo S20s.

To be honest, I only use Synergy once a week or so, so I don't have it set up on the server to run when Windows boots up. On the two clients, I do.

As I've said, I'm happy to report the whole thing works without a hitch (so far).


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Shawn Hall

The fix for this is really quite simple: configure the displays for PC2 to be swapped so their positions are opposite their physical left & right.  This will ensure that when the monitors are physically connected opposite, and Synergy is installed, everything will work perfectly.

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