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Do you have Intermittent Scrolling Problems? Do you use WizMouse? Read this.


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I can't remember if I've posted this before, I'm not finding it so I suspect there was some other Synergy forums site that I posted on and I didn't get anywhere with it.  I've had a problem with Synergy dating back to around 2013 where several times throughout the day I would need to stop and start the functionality on both my Windows host computer and client computer to get scrolling back.  I've had to do this as little as once a day all the way up to 30 times a day I suspect, if I remember correctly there was a time where I used Synergy on two Windows host computers both having this problem on Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu clients.  It was to the point that I avoided using Synergy mainly for this reason (that and I didn't need it for a few years).  

I realized about two months ago I've used WizMouse on both of those host computers, for those not familiar it gives Windows computers scrolling functionality very similar to Mac OS X where one doesn't have to be focused on a window to scroll that window.  On top of that I had it set to run as admin (even though it appeared to never work properly in admin windows) which I believe is an abnormal setup.  I uninstalled it two months ago to troubleshoot and that fixed my problem instantly, I now only have the occasional problem where copying and pasting doesn't work as intended but it's usually because I haven't launched Synergy on the client computer and it's only functioning in the weird "service" mode.

Anyway, I figured I would share this in case if anyone has ever had this problem, I couldn't bring myself to post it when I started using Synergy after a 5 year hiatus about 6 months ago because I couldn't find someone else reporting the same problem as me.



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