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Just a quick suggestion.


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Any chance to release a quickie hot-fix type update to at the very least access the synergy-config.exe via the task-bar icon so we can at least rearrange the where desktops are to one another?
I had to actually navigate to the folder to set it up as I had initially accidentally close it...
Oh well, it's just a tiny thing, but should have been something to be able to "re-access" at any time instead of having to do some file hunting.

Anyways, that's all i gotta say, Program works nice for what i need it to do, so i'm happy.
Never tried S1, so can't speak to it's functionality and what i might miss out on.

From where i sit, it's a great program.
I initially wanted this for my Raspberry Pi3, but that failed badly because the darn thing did not do as i wanted it to in the first place so it was, at the time, an utter waste of time, but now with a 2nd computer, this works wonders (for what i need it to do :P )

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