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Workaround for using Synergy with 1 machine on a VPN?

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Subject says it all. I'm on a wired network but need to have 1 machine on a VPN, I did some forum searches but didn't find anything. Is there a workaround to make this possible?




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Kelvin Tran


Regarding your question of whether Synergy can be used through a VPN, is there a way that TCP traffic can be routed into your VPN?

That's long been our recommended solution, as far as I'm aware, as it seems to be the one that involves the least hassle.

I apologize, I'm not experienced in the experience of internetworking Synergy into a VPN-integrated environment. It's not something that I personally need to account for. I do know, however, based on observation, that there are people that have the same situation as you. So even though I might not be the one to give it to you, rest assured there is a solution. I'll personally post it here if I find it! :) 

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