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Failed to load plugin ns.dll - V1.7.4-stable-6c9a787

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Dwight Eddy
I installed synergy-v1.7.3-stable-efd0108 and ran into the high cpu usage issue. I read in the forums that this has been fixed in one of the v1.7.4 beta versions. I installed v1.7.4-stable-4dd4045 and then V1.7.4-stable-6c9a787. Both failed to work giving the following in the log: [2015-07-25T07:28:27] INFO: activeDesktop:Default [2015-07-25T07:28:27] ERROR: could not get session id for process id 3208 [2015-07-25T07:28:28] ERROR: failed to load plugin 'ns.dll', expected version 1.2 but was unknown I have reverted back to 1.7.3 and am opening the GUI as a workaround to avoid the high CPU usage issue. Any fix for the ns.dll problem in 1.7.4 or another way to resolve the high cpu issue?
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