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Hi all, been using synergy 2 for a while now but it's been beyond terrible and I've given up on that piece of software, I've downloaded synergy 1 and i'm trying to set it up but the Client PC will not connect to the server PC. 

The IP address of the Server PC matches the IP address in the box of the Client PC.
The Client name of the client PC matches the error code on the server PC where it says it does not recognise it. (DESKTOP-H9B5N47)
The ports on both settings are the same. 
The SSL Fingerprint Matches on both pcs. 

I start the server and it says it's active, but the client pc will not connect, the Server error says the client PC is disconnecting, this message repeats itsself every few seconds. 
Photos attached. Any idea why this is not working? 

synergy gaming pc settings.png

synergy streaming pc.png

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