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32bit linux


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  I've seen some posts from last year saying that this version would take a little while but it's still not up there on the download page.  I really love this software but the support issues and version incompatibilities are a pain. 
   I don't know what your build process is like but in my own software, making a 32bit version isn't very onerous. Is there some sort of problem with 32bit builds for synergy? I can't think why it'd be so but you chaps would know more than me. It's also frustrating that I can't download older client/server pairs that would work for my hardware.

Could I request that the protocol for communication between synergy clients be standardised in some way, so that older clients and servers could communicate without needing to rely on versions that either aren't available or have been removed from the downloads page? I don't suppose that would be too hard.

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I've tried building from source but it seems to need a library called 'Xtst' which I can't locate. I'll try removing that from the cmake config files but I'm pretty sure that's a can of worms I don't want to open (I have my own problems to solve, just don't want to keep faffing around with a bunch of keyboards and mice)


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Surely it wouldn't hurt Symless to release a 32 bit version with each release...  I agree @Luther... there's still 32 bit Windows versions for download, why can't we get 32 bit DEB files for debian/ubuntu?

I recently "tested" out a 32 bit Ubuntu (16.04) on my home network, as my work's VPN is a real PITA to get working on Linux (Checkpoint SSL really fussy about browser and java versions) - and I couldn't find 32 bit Linux binaries for Synergy 1.10.1.  I did actually get the 1.6.x/1.7x version of Synergy from Ubuntu's repo's to work as a client to my 1.10.x Ubuntu 18.04 "server" desktop - but I'd prefer consistency.

I've tried building Synergy from source in the past (to run on ARM - but not a Raspberry PI) and it was painful...  rather not go down that road...

Sure Ubuntu may not be doing 32 bit releases any longer, but upstream and downstream there are still users (e.g. Debian, and Xubuntu and Lubuntu) of 32 bit / i386/i686 builds.

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On 12/23/2018 at 7:54 AM, Luther said:


(I am a moron)

Edited by Dan
stupidity - though you could put a link on the DL page to the older versions for people like me who aren't going to go searching the forums.....
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Could you please provide other link for that file or other file that works on latest(s) debian. For some reason I can't access snapshots.symless.com
- Any news on 32-bit linux releases or it's really dead?! I have a paid basic subscription, one 64-bit computer, the others are 32-bit, as other millions of computer users worldwide.
- Did anyone tried to install a 64-bit on a multi-arch linux?

On 7/16/2019 at 10:19 AM, Kelvin Tran said:


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