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Hotkey binding stopping funtionality of keyboard input.


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Hey what's up guys. I've come across a small issue and I'm pretty sure there is an easy fix but i just can't seem to figure it out. I bound my lock/unlock key to "k" on my keyboard which is also assigned to one of the side buttons on my mouse. For the first few days it worked fine, as in i could lock and unlock my screen and type with the "k" key as well with no issue, but today for some reason the imput of the "k" key from my keyboard and my mouse binding has stopped working. It didn't even work when i plugged in a second keyboard. Eventually i figured it out and bound my synergy keybind a button that i won't use while typing but I'm sure this is not intended to function this way. I found a work around and not a fix and there may be others who have the same issue. Has anyone else come across a similiar issue?

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