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Enable "lock to screen" by default?

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My stupidest workaround at the moment is luckily map my mouse supports macros, so I can make my mouse button to press two keys, and in synergy 1, I map two separate actions to the two separata keys. I know one can map actions to keys but for some reason only the first action in the list will be carried out.


Can "lock to screen" be enabled by default? 

Any suggestions command line or..?



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Oke, can you please try following on Mojave?

1. Reinstall from fresh

2. Remove the app from System Preferences' "Security & Privacy > Accessibility" list

3. Open the app

4. From System Preferences, enable Accessibility access, as requested

5. Back in Synergy, enable Auto Config (in Preferences)

6. Allow the client to connect (accept fingerprint on the client machine)

7. Configure server in client machine name.

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