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Drag and Drop

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Yeah ok so i just got this today and drag and drop seems to work sometimes and the CTRL+V or CTRL + P does not work at all for me, However everything else works as far for the mouse going to other screen with not much of a issue.

Synergy version i am useing is 1.10.1 -stable

Main pc i am typeing is windows 10 home, this on is the server client

The other pc is the client

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Kelvin Tran

Other PC is Windows too? If so, what version? If not, what OS/version?

Copy/Paste should be more reliable than Drag and Drop. Please try to perform both actions and send Synergy logs for both events.

Please use Pastebin and separate the logs into two different documents. You can google for 'pastebin' to find the website.

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