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Question about actions


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I have a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000, and I am trying to get the 2 side buttons (buttons 8 & 9) to provide their normal functions in clients (WWWBAck and WWWForward).

I have recently changed my server from Windows to Linux, and I have lost this functionality in my (Windows) clients.

I thought that a way to restore it would be using actiopns, and I added a couple of lines at the bottom of the options section of the config file which now is as follows:

section: options
relativeMouseMoves = false
screenSaverSync = true
win32KeepForeground = false
clipboardSharing = true
switchCorners = none
switchCornerSize = 0
mousebutton(8) = keystroke(WWWBack, *)
mousebutton(9) = keystroke(WWWForward, *)

As I understand it, this should cause pressing the two mouse buttons to send the appropriate keystrokes.Unfortunately, this is not occurring.

I see the following events when pressing the left side button:

[2018-11-27T16:35:21] DEBUG1: event: ButtonPress button=8
[2018-11-27T16:35:21] DEBUG1: onMouseDown id=6
[2018-11-27T16:35:21] DEBUG1: send mouse down to "skye" id=6
[2018-11-27T16:35:22] DEBUG1: event: ButtonRelease button=8
[2018-11-27T16:35:22] DEBUG1: onMouseUp id=6
[2018-11-27T16:35:22] DEBUG1: send mouse up to "skye" id=6

The mouse buttons are mapped as follows:

martin@Eigg:~$ xinput get-button-map 10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

I'm not sure why button 8 is being mapped to button 6, bit of course, I really want it to be mapped to a keystroke.

Any ideas why that is not happening?

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A bit more information. When I "Save configuration as ...", the saved file is not the same as the configuration file that synergy is supposed to be using. Since synergy is making the correct transitions, it is clearly reading the provided configuration file and processing it correctly, all apart from the actions shown in my original post.

Somewhat more confused now.

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