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I am investigating this for an environment that each user has 2 computers. The computers are on separate vlan's and networks with firewalls in between them. This is a 100+ machine deployment. The secured computer has no access to the internet at all. Internet traffic is managed with Cisco ISE. So the question is; does this program send any traffic to the internet and what happens if it can't get there? 

Also would you be able to comply with GDPR, FIPs, and HIPAA requirements?

Many Thanks!

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On 11/23/2018 at 11:25 AM, Nick Bolton said:

Hi there, I'll go ahead and reach out to you directly by email.

Seems that that's case solved. I'll go ahead and lock the post to prevent this one from becoming too cluttered.

If anyone else has issues relating to security concerns about Synergy and compliance with other regulatory bodies, please create a support ticket at https://symless.com/help.

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