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Check Screen Names

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John Downey

This is really great software.  I am able to use one keyboard to control 1 PC, 1 MAC, and 2 or 3 Raspi.  

However, I had trouble upgrading to the latest versions.  I believe I was running version 1.8.8 on my Mac and PC.  PC may have been a later version.   The released after 1.8.8 version would not work but I would keep trying the new versions.  Nick and Synergy tech support even offered help.  Today, I tried again after a warning about using the older version. 

I installed version 1.10, the latest version and it works great.  Just to let you know I solved the problem.  When I installed the latest version, I checked the screen name.  The screen name on the my mac, the client did not match the server.  After I change the client name on the Server it worked.  This was may have been the problem all along. 

I just want to pass it along the solution to a problem I was having.  

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